When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads

I was planning to run 6 miles tonight after work, but the floodgates have opened in Seattle today. (The power also went off in my neighborhood yesterday and all my carefully-timed-and-spaced clocks were different, so I ended up standing in the rain an extra long time this morning whilst waiting for my bus. #firstworldproblems) Should I be a wuss and stay inside for a date with a Jillean Michaels DVD, or should I brave the wet and windy craziness to get in my 6 miles? I could always do it later this week…

Devon snapped this picture of me and my roomie at the Fremont Oktoberfest 5k yesterday (pictured: awesome compression socks, and my glorified fanny pack runners’ belt):

balancing on a bucket after just having sprinted 3.19 miles - not that easy! Also, my roomie's response to this photo (he's in black on the right) was "I look like I'm about to die" haha

By the way if you would like a running fanny pack belt of your own, you can find this one (and other smaller, less sherpa-like versions) at iFitness! I love it because I can haul all my crap (phone, keys, ID, bandaids, lip balm, camera in an attached pouch) and the belt doesn’t bounce at all. You do end up looking a bit more ridiculous, though ;D

I am actually a little bit SORE today after that 5k effort yesterday! I think this is the first time I’ve been sore after a 5k! I guess you could argue that by association, it’s the first time I’ve really pushed myself… which may be true! I think a lot of my mid-race issues are mental… my legs usually feel good, and while my breathing gets a little crazy (I always sound like a freight train regardless), I guess that would be normal in a 3.1 mile sprint session, though I usually take it to mean CRAP my cardio is full of FAIL. I did finish the race feeling like I could have pushed a little harder…

On another note, can you believe October starts on Saturday?! HOLY CRAP WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE.


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