I think I have a problem…

I’ve mentioned this before, but in reviewing race photos of myself I notice a disturbing and somewhat amusing trend:

just call me Gumby

WHY do I run like that?! And more importantly, how do I FIX it? ha

I guess I can say I’m not a heel striker, but I look like a rubber chicken. I’ve tried thinking about bringing my legs up straight while I’m running to get more lift out of my trailing leg, but I was attempting to employ that method the whole time I was racing in the See Jane Run half (the leftmost photo up above) and that one’s the worst of all, haha.

I’m naturally a bit bowlegged so it might just be something I have to live with… but I wonder if people watch me run and go “yikes, that girl is going to snap an ankle!”

In other news, I had a bit more exciting than usual bus ride home yesterday evening…


We were cruising out of downtown like any other day when BLAM! the sound of the rupturing tire blazed through the bus like a shot. It was so loud we all thought someone had crashed into the bus. The driver shrieked and pulled over, and we all filed out of the crippled vehicle and walked to the next stop to await the following one. Of course, being rush hour, the following bus was already pretty full, but most of us managed to cram into it like sardines for a slow, personal-space-defying ride home.

Later on I went to the home of my most favorite cupcakes in the world for a little 500-calorie bomb of deliciousness. Was it bad for my diet? … clearly, but was it deliciously worth it? YESSSSS.


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