Run the Bluff 5k

An inaugural 5k in the vicinity of my neighborhood? How could I resist! Of course, I neglected to take into account the fact that the area is very very hilly, and while I usually take care to avoid most of these hills on my training runs (weenie that I am), the race organizers decided to send us right up (and down) some of the nasty huge hills. (Memo to self: stop being a weenie, start running the inclines)

And oh gosh this course was PURE HILLS. I eventually had to stop and walk (first time ever in a 5k) when I turned a corner about halfway through and the steepest hill of them all laid before me. At the end, there was a downhill so steep it was actually hard to run down, but I think I did pick up a little speed there (switched to heel-strike and just stomped my way down). With all the hills and the few minutes of walking, I’m not too bummed by my time. Overall, I felt great when it was over!

I did bring my camera, but forgot to take any photos… ah well.

Mile 2 = hill of death and walking. Actually kind of surprised I went sub-10 on the rest of the race

Officially, my results were:
Time: 30:57, a 9:58 pace (My Garmin only got me at 3.05 miles so I must have cut the corners a little bit somewhere, or it was just a short course)
Age place: 15/47
Gender place: 53/171
Overall place: 93/248

There was a 12k as well that started at the same time, and I think most of the runners were going long, since not many people turned at the 5k split-off!

UPDATE 10/12: Oh hahaha, official photos were posted today and daaaaang do I need to work on my posture. I think these are some of my worst race photos. Can you say T-rex-arms?

Heh, I felt bad dropping that cup (they were handing them out right before the finish) so I carried it through the finishing chute

Yikes. Memo to self, I am not a velociraptor, I do not need to pretend I’m chasing prey like in that game I played when I was 11


HAHA. Aside from the T-rex arm, slouchy posture (which gave me 90-year-old woman boobs) and wacky hip drop, I did seem to avoid my usual charming Gumby legs tendency..

Also, remind me not to wear those shorts in public ever again…. hahah.


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