Christmastime is here

Why yes, it IS right in front of the fireplace!

My tree says hello! It sits in the only real space we can cram it into in our tiny living room that’s filled mostly with the giant hand-me-down couch I obtained from my brother – squished between the coffee table and fireplace. We don’t generally use the fireplace anyway, so don’t worry, we’re not in danger of torching the house down or anything.

I love Christmastime – I love all the lights on the houses as I go chugging on by at my pedestrian running pace; I love blasting awesome Christmas music (for the 25 days out of the year I can listen to it, and yes I feel weird listening to it even the DAY after Christmas), I love choosing gifts and wrapping them. I go back to my hometown every year for Christmas and I love seeing my mom’s completely awesome transformation of the living room into a Christmasy palace lit by tiny glowing bulbs. I love all the food and snacks and warm drinks and Christmas parties. I also love it when it snows, but up here you have to take what you can get in regards to that (I think I’ve had maybe ONE actual white Christmas my entire life!)

I haven’t been blogging about running much but my runs have been a kind of threadbare maintenance shuffle lately. I’ve been averaging around 8 miles a week (lol) and about 2 runs a week. I know that’s a wee bit pathetic but it’s where I’m at. I really need a race or a goal of some kind to drive me to run more often. I’ve even been considering buying a treadmill so I don’t have the excuse of “but it’s so COLD and WET and DARK outside!” to keep me planted on my bum when I get home from work. I hope to start training for my 2012 half marathon season in February, but I really need to start building a better base back up before then if I want to improve on my races from this year…

Regardless, no matter how out of shape I feel right now, I’m still going to enjoy this December and experiencing Christmastime as only a runner can – step by step, pounding the pavement in the dark to the ambient glow of tiny multicolored lights.


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