Victoria BC half marathon – registered!

My friend Laurel, who recently ran her first 5k with me, expressed interest in running a half marathon next year with me and also her dad, who has been looking to get into shape and start running again. We looked at a bunch of the summer halfs around Seattle but due to Laurel not being done with college courses until late June, a fall one looked much better in terms of time to train (and of course weather, since I loathe racing in the heat). Victoria sounded like a great option – it’s an hour’s ferry ride away from our hometown (we literally grew up next door to each other and made many trips to Victoria over the years), it’s an awesome city, the race is in early October, and Laurel has some strange love for all things Canadian, so what better way to go at her first 13.1?

The early bird rate of $60 (Canadian!) lasts until May 15th but of course I couldn’t contain myself and went ahead and registered last week. I’m committed now! I’m pretty excited; all of my previous halfs (halves?) were run solo-style, and having Laurel and her dad along will be awesomesauce. I don’t care how fast or slow we go, I’m stoked to run this race with my best buddy. Hopefully everything works out and she’s able to sign up and train as well… haha.

She currently lives about 2 hours north, where she’s going to college, and I’m already thinking I could drive up or take the train on weekends to meet her for long runs. HA, my wheels are spinning and there’s still 11 months to go before the race!

This will also be my first race in another state, or country for that matter… hurray!


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