Running resolutions

I’ve never been big on new year’s resolutions. The stereotypical 2-weeks-guns-blazing that turns to inevitable failure has never been my thing. These little stats for 2011, however, made me want to set some new year’s GOALS:

Miles ran in 2011: 537 (lol.. still have time to increase that, though!)
Pounds lost gained in 2011: 7 (ughh)
Half-marathons completed: 3
5ks completed: 9

Looking at my new year’s post from last year, I hit most of my goals (basically completing the halves, though I paid off a bit of debt too and stopped playing WoW), though that “pounds gained” stat kind of sucks. At this point last year I was down 17 pounds from my starting weight of 170, clocking in at 153; as of yesterday, I’m weighing in at 160. Boo! My weight has been a pretty steady plateau… I just can’t seem to lose anything. I know it’s mostly my eating and that’s one thing I’d like to rein in this year, along with better/more consistent mileage (and just MORE miles in general).

I’m planning to start half training again Feb 12th and get into a consistent rhythm of running 3 times a week in the weeks leading up to that. I’m going for Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 half plan this year, a slight step up from last year.

My watermark goals are:

-Beat my half marathon PR (2:27:36) and maybe even push for a 2:15 finish. I’d really just like to get my average half pace under an 11 min mile >_>

-Beat my 5k PR (29:27) which may happen naturally during my more rigid half training

-Lose 11 pounds and get down to 149! I know I can do that, it’s not THAT lofty a goal. It’s going to take some work, though, given my track record.

Here’s to a great 2012!

My bro, me, my friend Garrett's buddy Brandon, and my friend Garrett at our work Christmas party.. I left my coat on the whole night, haha! #sociallyawkward


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