Valentine’s Day Dash 2/11/12

Not really sure why I signed up for this race – I’ve been super undertrained lately (averaging around one run of 4 miles a week… haha) and I also have not exactly been doing well in the relationship department lately, with all kinds of crazy, awkward, and emotionally exhausting happenings fogging up my life lately. But, it was a 5k around Green Lake, which is mostly flat and easy, and I figured it would be a good way to kick off my half-marathon training for this year, which pretty much starts… now.

So, I dressed in all black (to display outwardly the current feelings of my cold black heart, natch) and gave it my best go, which wasn’t a PR, but I still managed to come in with a sub-10-min-mile overall pace, which you could call my B goal, if there are such things for casual 5ks. I finished in 30:05 for 3.13 miles (per Henry the Garmin), a 9:36 pace overall and 899 out of 2361 total runners.

Hey, a photo of me running in which I don't look like I'm about to die. Of course, it's only about 100 feet past the starting line :P

from some angles, such as this one, my legs look incredibly stumpy ;D

why so srs?

floating along in the background. At least my tired "gumby legs" running form doesn't seem to have kicked in too bad in this race, though I do look like I'm about to punch myself...

DONNNNE! I actually almost felt like barfing after this race; that was a first...

In other news I did get my very own hamster wheel recently! It took forever to assemble and of course since it’s me, the darn thing won’t incline, so I’m attempting to work with the somewhat hairy nordictrack support to try to figure out what’s going on it. It works fine to just run on though and I’ve done a few 2 or 3 mile jaunts on it. I hate hills anyway so the incline not working at the moment isn’t the biggest deal to me ;D


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