Well hellooooo

Jeez! I have been an absentee blogger lately. Truth be told I had a lot of relationship drama explode in my life over the last 3-4 months and it kind of sucked the motivation and discipline out of me and replaced it with kind of a depressed apathy about most everything in my life, including running. I’ve still been running but it has been a bit inconsistent and not at all following the half marathon training I’m supposed to be doing right now.

In spite of that, I lost about 15 pounds and I think purely due to that my natural speed has automatically increased – I realized I was going faster than before with the same amount of perceived effort – like I was suddenly just going faster without feeling like I was trying any harder. When I ran 6 miles effortlessly under an hour I knew something had seriously changed – I’ve struggled to maintain even a 10:30 pace on runs over 4 miles in the past. I guess hauling around less of myself really does make a big difference!

But, I’m kind of left in a weird place where my first half marathon of the year is in less than a month (NODM on June 3) and I have about 2 weekends left to get long runs in -I completed 7 this last weekend and I know if I can hit 8, 9, and 10 over the next few weeks, I’ll actually probably be able to finish the race (hopefully without injuring myself in the process) – but I wish I hadn’t let my training kick rocks the way I did over the last few months. I was hoping to PR and I still might with my newfound increased speed but it won’t be the MEGA AWESOME race I was hoping for. I guess there’s still Rock n Roll Seattle on June 23rd to shoot for!


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