NODM half complete!

Though my training was pretty sucky due to my real life issues, I managed to beat my time from last year (which was 2:35) – I think that’s mostly due to my weight loss this year and that the weather was FAR better for running this time around (cloudy in the 50’s as opposed to to the hot sunny fires of Mordor).Β I did a walk/run plan for the first time (basically took a 1-2 min walk break at most every mile marker; skipped a few) and I think that really helped keep my legs going far past the 8 mile mark (the longest run I managed in training). Legs started to get tired after mile 9 but I just kept them moving and chugged along.Β  I’ll surely be sore and gimpy tomorrow but I’m pretty happy with this race and I felt awesome most of the run. This was actually a PR so I’ll be curious to see how well I can do with a proper training schedule o_O

Full report coming soon!

legs did not fall off! victory!


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