Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon… I finished!

Just a quick note to say I completed this race yesterday morning. There were both awesome and not so awesome things about it. Full recap coming later, but for the time being –

Awesome: It didn’t rain!, lots of awesome crowd support, running down the viaduct was fun this year with great views, I finished and managed to beat my time from last year’s easier course…

Not so awesome: the new course seemed way hillier, and the hills that were there were pretty stiff; I walked most of them and my undertraining really started to show around mile 9, when the wheels started to come off a little bit (didn’t quite fall off, but I was definitely rusting up a storm); there was one final hill in the last 10th of a mile before the finish that was CRUEL!; I somehow ran 3/10th of a mile farther than the course distance according to my Garmin (probably all the pulling off to the far outside I did to take walk breaks)

But I did finish, in 2:21:17, in spite of the walking and tiredness – I actually beat my old time of 2:27:36.Β I used the same walk/run plan I made use of at NODM (taking a 1-2 min walk break at every mile marker and walking the hills if I felt like it). hopefully next year I can train properly and see what I’m really capable of!

Full recap coming later!

yes I'm a picture stealer



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