I ate some pavement and then set a PR

I was back in my hometown last weekend and took my car to a shop about a mile from my folks’ house for an oil change, planning to run the short distance back to the house. On the way, as I was looking for a less hilly cross street to traverse, I caught a lip in the sidewalk I didn’t see and completely faceplanted, skidding to a stop on my palms and knees (I later discovered I somehow road rashed my left shoulder too). One car was driving by at the time but they just kind of stared as they went past me… fail. Words cannot describe how nasty my hands looked at that point (I have a horrifyingly gory photo but I’ll spare you) and as blood started to gush I didn’t have much choice but to pick myself up and keep running the .75 miles left to my parents’ house. I felt bizarre running down the street with blood dripping down my legs and hands but what could I do? My knees didn’t hurt too much but my hands were BURNING!

My mom’s an RN and she bandaged me up pretty good when I got back to the house, and I gimped around the rest of the day in a hodgepodge of gauze and bandages. I’ve never biffed it while running before but I guess it had to happen eventually!



I was already signed up to run the See Jane Run 5k on Sunday the 15th (thankfully I didn’t sign up for the half marathon this year) and wasn’t sure if I should try to run it with my plethora of flesh wounds. I went to packet pickup Saturday afternoon since I at least wanted the tshirt (and ended up buying a pair of Newton shoes to try – can’t wait to take a real spin in them! They are my first pair of colorful shoes too!).

My best work friend Garrett’s wedding was that Saturday evening and I showed up looking quite fashionable in my bandage ensemble. I managed to hide the knees a bit with ace bandagey wrap (though I still was asked quite a few times what I’d done to myself) but there was no hiding the gauze on my palms!

macho man

From the photobooth at Garrett’s wedding – If I ever get married I’m totally stealing this idea. Just ignore my poor bandaged knees

I decided to show up race day morning for the See Jane Run 5k and at least collect the freebies they give you (champagne glasses and chocolate), but put on my bib and chip in case I was feeling good and decided to just go for it. About 10 minutes before the start of the 5k I decided I would just run it easy and hope for the best – and I actually ended up setting another PR, clocking in at 28:48 (chip time) for 3.13 miles according to Henry the Garmin!

yay PR!

mile 3 was kind of an abrupt attack of the Tireds.

My poor beat up knees actually didn’t hurt at all during the race, though I did get pretty tired in the final mile – probably a combination of my low mileage catching up to me and my body working overtime on my many many flesh wounds. At this point I know with proper training I could probably get a sub-28 min 5k, and possibly even faster. The weather was nice too, overcast and breezy and around 58 degrees – perfect for a little run. I’ve had the bad habit lately though of wearing my longsleeved NODM pullover at the start of races with my bib pinned to the shirt underneath, which means I both get too warm and also have to hold up the overshirt whenever I see a photographer… which made for some kind of awkward photos.


I included this one cause I think it’s the skinniest my legs have ever looked in a race photo, haha.


awkwardly holding up bib


awkward sprint through the finishing chuuuute


I seem to have developed a decent back kick (is that what you call it?)


T-rex arms FINISH!



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