Man I’ve kind of failed at keeping up with ye ol running blog! I’ve run a couple of races – the Lake Union 10k back on Aug 19th and the Iron Girl 5k this morning (yay new PRs!) – I guess I’ll need to write up some race reports ;) I should add, both of those races were run in a RUNNING SKIRT which is an article of clothing I thought I would never, ever wear, let alone in public. They are surprisingly comfortable….. >_>

Anyway, I’ll try to keep up with this guy a little better and post some of my races up soon… right now, I’m off to a Harry Potter movie marathon with some friends… I have read all the books, but never seen the movies, so I should be that annoying person going “HEYYY they left this part out! HEYYY it wasn’t like that in the book!” the whole time…


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