Bloggy fail

Clearly, I go through phases with blogging – when I first started I was meticulously detailing every run and every race as if someone cared to read about how my shins burned a little bit on week 4 of couch to 5k. But now I’ve actually run a bunch of races and haven’t gotten around to writing race reports for the majority of them – Seattle RnR half, the See Jane Run 5k, the Lake Union 10k, the Victoria BC half marathon (which was a fun weekend… I might go back and write that one), the Green Lake Gobble 10k. Clearly, runblog fail to the nth degree!

In both happy and depressing news I lost a bunch of weight this year (around 20 pounds.. huzzah!) and then gained some of it back (booo!). At my lowest I was about 136 back in July, but I started to steadily gain it back after my summer half marathons and I’m not entirely sure why. I’m currently sitting around 145 – which was my original goal weight, but I’d love to take off 6 more pounds and get back down to around 139 at least. The formula for weight gain is usually the same ol’ sad story – too many calories/bad food in, not enough calories burned off – but for the most part my diet hasn’t changed, I think I just started allowing myself more cheaty foods on a regular basis (instead of like, once a week) and started to eat more/fattier foods at dinnertime. I’m hoping to peel off 5 pounds in the last month of this year, which I think is a reasonable goal. Here’s to staying on the wagon! (It’s not JUST about the numbers – I really liked how I was looking/feeling when I was down in the high 130’s and not liking the encroaching bulge that’s threatening to take over my midsection again. Plus, I bought new pants for my smaller size and I don’t want to outgrow them… depresso)

Aside from that, YAY it’s Christmastime! Thanks to the evils of Pinterest I’m inspired to really clean up my house and decorate it all cute and Christmas-like. Guess I should finally finish unpacking from my move back in June….. >_> Purge mode, activate!


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