Iron Girl 5k recap – 9/9/12

I’ll be honest, my training has kind of sucked wet noodles the last few months. I would laze around week after week and think to myself ohh, maybe I should actually go for a run this week? And then get all angry when my performance wasn’t improving – why am I so tired?! Why am I not getting faster?! Hmmmmmmm I wonder!

Regardless of that, I did get a bit faster over the spring summer due to a little weight loss (hurray!) so I’ve managed to knock down my 5k PR in little bits and pieces in the last three races I’ve done, and this one was no exception – I clocked in at 28:31 for 3.18 miles (according to Henry the Garmin)!

I went an average sub-9-min-mile? o_O

I went an average sub-9-min-mile? o_O Chip time was 28:31, which I always go by for my actual time ;)

The race itself was mostly uneventful and pretty straightforward – I like racing around Green Lake since it’s pretty flat, but I do need to learn to push myself more and not back away from outright discomfort. My race photos were also all ridiculously bad and should not see the light of day, haha. I blame my bun falling out halfway through the race (I’d just bobby-pinned it up since I couldn’t find a hair tie in my tired morning rush), after which I tried to hastily/messily repin it as I was running along, so my hair was kind of all over the place like I had fallen directly out of bed onto the racecourse.

oh lordy.

oh lordy.

Once again I also had to kick myself for not pushing harder as well – I need to learn to LOVE THE PAIN! EAT THE PAIN! PLOW THROUGH THE PAIN! 5ks aren’t supposed to feel like an easy stroll, darnit… pick up those feet!


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