New Years… goals

I hate “resolutions,” though I guess goals are pretty much the same thing, just repackaged. Ah well, goals you will get!

I finished 2012 somewhat better than I started – I began the year around 163 pounds and am currently probably sitting somewhere around 145-148 (I haven’t weighed myself since I came back to my hometown for Christmas, which is probably a good thing considering all the food I’ve eaten and exercise I’ve avoided!). Around July I’d actually gotten myself down to 138 somehow (though that number has continued to slip out of my grasp like a little snake ever since then) and my first goal will be to get back down there and maintain it – so:

1. Get to my goal weight of 138, and maybe less if I can manage!

This will require a bit more adherence to training… I seriously slacked off this year on the running/exercising and I’d like to step it up and run three times a week, and cross train at least one other day, so

2. Run three times a week and exercise a total of 4 days a week at least!

I did somehow manage to PR in the half this year (2:17) even with my crappy training, which I can mostly thank my weight loss for, so hopefully a combination of losing weight again and training better will help me to:

3. PR in a half marathon this year – with a goal of 2:10, and maybe less if I can swing it!

I’d also like to eat better in general but I can lump that in with weight loss – they kind of go hand in hand, after all. Another thing I need to seriously work on, though, is:

4. Pay off some of my debt and manage my money better overall.

I’m still wallowing in a credit card I’ve never managed to pay off and I’d really like to make a dent in it this year instead of falling back on it when times get tight. Ideally, I wouldn’t let myself get into the state of needing to use it (or FEELING like I need to use it) anyway.

Anyway, that’s all I’m going to lump on myself. In any case I hope to run a lot more miles in 2013 and get a lot more disciplined in general! Time to (finally) get life in a bit more order and maaaaaybe find a Mr. Courtney as well ;) That remains to be seen….


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