Half training, activate!

I celebrated the start of training by gaining 3 pounds over the weekend. Oops! Ah well, I’m still in far better shape right now than I was at this time last year (both speed and weight wise) so I won’t let my dreams of a PR be dashed quite yet. I got another one of my favorite running bras (let’s just say I am not the most well-endowed, and this bra has the dual bonus of ensuring I will never suffer from headlight-heavy race photos, ever again!) and a new pair of running shorts –Β  actually my first pair of Brooks shorts, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear them by themselves and not have to layer a longer pair underneath. (Did I mention I am not a big fan of my thighs?) They are shooooort! Shorter than I’m used to, but as long as I don’t suffer from chub rub and don’t accidentally flash the world whilst running in them, I’ll give them a shot… they were seemingly comfortable on their maiden voyage on my treadmill, but 3 miles in the privacy of my home is a little different than 13.1 on the roads with thousands of people watching…

In one of those “HEY I’m training now and I should maybe, you know, eat healthy all the time” moments I got a sudden urge to learn how to roast broccoli, found this recipe/guide online, and as I sit am now curiously waiting out the 20 minutes to try this (hopefully) delicious and blessedly carb-free “dinner.” (I’m not what you’d call handy in the kitchen by any means, I can make like… three things, two of which are breakfasts and so don’t really count. Maybe that should have been a New Year’s goal… learn to cook a 4th thing.)

I’ve been kind of (loosely) following the Skinny Rules, the hardest of which is the “no carbs after lunch” thing – I dunno about you but carbs are the best thing ever, and resisting their siren song is TOUGH for me. Why are the tasty things so fattening?! I know if I want to drop the 10 pounds I gained back, though, I need to be a leeeeeettle stricter with what I shove into my mouth. Pretty much this:

But but… donuts!

I can totally empathize with this girl, yo:

ahahhaah so true

Yeah, pretty much.


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