Wallowing in the land of sickness

Ugh! Just when I was getting in a pretty good routine with my training, some crazy plague sneaked up behind me and shanked me. Sunday afternoon and evening I started to feel like the energy was just sapping out of me – you know that weird, almost tingly feeling you get over your whole body when you start to get sick? – and my throat started scratching itself. Monday morning I tried to go to work and ended up coming home in the throes of fever and body aches – it felt like someone was squeezing me around the middle with an inner tube. I haaaaate that feeling of laying in bed and flailing wildly between chills and fever, hanging your leg out of the covers and then shivering in a pool of your own sweat. Yay sickness!

I stayed home Tuesday as well and went back to work Wednesday though I didn’t quite feel 100% – and I think I picked up another bug while my immune system was nursing itself in the corner, cause now this thing has morphed into a hacky, raspy, awful cough and runny nose, which wasn’t originally part of the package. I ran 4 miles Wed and while I felt ok while I ran (the cough seems to disappear when I’m doing something that gets my heart rate up), I felt extra tired afterward, like my body was shrieking “what are you doing, I needed that energy to fight off all these viruses you let into the place!”

It doesn’t help that I rarely get sick, so when I do, it’s like AMG END OF THE WORLD I WILL NEVER BE HEALTHY AGAIN! I’m not sure if continuing to try to train will be the best idea (per my training plan, I have 6 miles scheduled tomorrow) or if it will actually hurt my recovery. I just don’t want to get too far off track and lose all the fitness I fought for over the last month or two. GRRRR! Doing some fancy internet doctoring only reveals what I don’t really want to hear – with a cough, I probably shouldn’t exercise… it’s just weird that I feel ok WHILE I’m exercising. sighhhhh.

Well, guess I’ll continue to overload myself with vitamins and maybe pick up some Robitussin tonight…


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