Still sick! and musings on weight gain

Bah! Over a week later and I’m still fighting this thing. This almost seems worse than an injury because I can’t even cross-train – I can’t do anything cardio at all. That means I’m sitting around feeling weak and letting all my hard-earned fitness drain out of me like all the mucus fighting to get out of my face. TMI?

But truly, it sucks! I really hope I can pick the training plan back up again once i’ve slain this plague and not lose too much of the progress I made. I was really hoping to PR at NODM this year. As they say, if it’s not one thing, it’s another… Last year it was moving and relationship drama that derailed me; this year, my immune system decided to hide in a corner. Here’s hoping I can still pull off a miracle in the training time I have left!

I’ve also been experiencing (even more so as I’ve sat around sick the last week and a half unable to workout in any way, shape, or form) a creeping weight gain over the last few months. It was right around April last year that I cracked into the 130’s for the first time in around 10 years, but after my half season was over I inched back into the 140’s around October and have been steadily packing it on (in small increments, but still) ever since. I clocked in at 146.6 this morning and that’s a little too close to 150 for comfort, for me. I haven’t really changed my diet that much but I do think I allow myself a few too many cheater foods, more often than I should (as in, almost every day… dang Easter candy staring me in the face)

Weight is a weird thing to talk about when I “appear” to be at a good weight. A lot of people I know don’t understand the difference between “ok healthy weight” and “trim fightin’ shape” and tell me I don’t need to lose anything. They don’t know how great I feel around 139-138, how much lighter I feel when I run, and they also don’t see the flabby spare tire that coats itself around my midsection or the extra pooch to my thighs. I guess it’s the difference between “good enough” and “feeling awesome” – and not even for the physical appearance, but much more so how much better I feel. I would love to take off 7 pounds before June (NODM is June 2, incidentally) and I think I can do it, but it’s going to take getting over this nasty cough (and getting back on my 6-day-a week exercise schedule) and cutting out the dietary treats I allow myself a little too often.

I heard a lot of great things about MyFitnessPal from all kinds of sources and decided to give it a crack, and I can see why it’s so effective. I started tracking all my meals (and cheats, though those are painful to record sometimes) and hopefully this will help me stay accountable… you can see my food log here!


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