8 miles of death

What goes up must come down? After my decent 5-miler earlier this week I think maaaaybe my brain was convinced that all my runs from here on out would be sprightly, bouncing, rainbows-and-unicorns-style jaunts. Alas, it was not meant to be.

I had a few goals for this run – go slooooooow, and as a result of the first goal, both keep my breathing from getting into the “freight train” range (seriously… I swear the people who live along my route can hear me coming from a block away) and also keep my heart rate from exploding into the 170 range.I’ve been reading up on this whole heart rate training thing, and apparently for someone my age (though these formulas are disputable), the max BPM should be 187, and an “easy run” should fall somewhere between 130 and 150. HA! My last 5-miler (though it felt good) averaged 165, with a max of 176. Sooo, I was looking to give my ticker a break on this run.

My goal slow pace was a 10 min mile (which I ended up averaging exactly somehow) but it was a fight the whole time to try to get it there – first my legs wanted to go wayyy too fast (kept glancing at my watch and realizing I was cruising along at my normal pace, so I kept trying to throttle myself back), then toward the end it was a struggle just to stay around 10 (I think from all the speed up/slow down/speed up I did at the beginning of the run) and I kept falling into slog mode. I also failed at keeping my heart rate down since it averaged out at 167 in spite of the slower overall pace. FAIL.

See, I tried! Ironically I was working harder at the end of this slow run than I was at the end of my faster run a few days ago.

See, I tried! Ironically I was working harder at the end of this slow run than I was at the end of my faster run a few days ago.

It was quite a bit warmer out there yesterday, that might have had something to do with it!

Anyway, here’s my weekly recap of half training:

Sunday 4/28/13
Scheduled: Cross train
Actual: Ran the Top Pot Donut 5k on tired legs. Got a free donut, hurray!

Monday 4/29/13
Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: Did Level 1 of Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 DVD to give my legs a break.

Tuesday 4/30/13
Scheduled: Cross train
Actual: Rested

Wednesday 5/1/13
Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: About 3.15 miles. Did some alternating sprints on the dreadmill (5 min warmup, then alternating 1 min sprint/3 min recovery for the duration of the run) in an attempt to actually try some speedwork.

Thursday 5/2/13
Scheduled: Cross train
Actual: Had a nice 4.5 mile run outside. 41:48, 9:18 pace

Friday 5/3/13
Scheduled: Rest day
Actual: Did Level 1 of Jillian Michaels’ “Killer Buns and Thighs” DVD. Hadn’t done this one in awhile… Forgot how good a workout it is! Got pretty sweaty!

Saturday 5/4/13
Scheduled: 8 miles
Actual: Ran 8 miles outside, see above! Also watched the Kentucky Derby – yeaaaah Orb!

Today the outsides of both of my feet are a little sore, mostly the right one – the 8-miler was the longest run yet I’ve done in the Brooks Pureflows, so maybe that had something to do with it? They’re a little more on the minimalist side and my feet might still be getting used to that… might try the Newtons or Asics for next week’s long run. I know with my midfoot strike I tend to come down on the outsides of my feet (see this photo – I’m in red to the left), so 8 miles of pounding on them might have made them wish for a little more padding.

And oh, I almost forgot – as I was chugging up a hill sometime in mile 6 I passed a duderunner going the other way, and he totally did some kind of fist-pump cheer thing at me as he went by, that was kind of awesome!


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