Half training update

I can’t remember what week this is… week something! Week progress? Or congress? (isn’t that the opposite of progress? Hurr hurr.)

I kind of failed at cross training this week, but I did get all my runs in! My best friend Laurel (who ran her first half marathon with me back in October) came over this last weekend from my hometown and we went through a bunch of the crap I have in storage, doing the Goodwill-keep-toss game, so it was an epic amount of box-moving and crap-sorting and Goodwill-hauling that left me pretty sore and tired. That counts as cross-training, right? We also ordered pizza and can I just say how awesome pizza tastes after you haven’t had it in months? Delicious in the mouth, not so much in the gut/on the scale, however. (/shakes fist at 2 pound weight gain)

We did find some funny things whilst going through my old crap – among them, this:

Add excitement to any room.

Add excitement to any room.

I also put together a “healthy crap basket” for the living room with a basket I got on the cheap at Goodwill:

Not pictured: tennis balls, aka foot torture devices

Not pictured: tennis balls, aka foot torture devices

I ended up taking my 9 mile long run to the dreadmill on Sunday (due to a combination of factors such as laziness, Goodwill-hauling-soreness, and dread for the distance) and dreadful it was. I ended up walking quite a bit and finished in around 1 hour 35 min (about a 10:33 pace overall). Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend and I can get my 10-miler done on the streets with no walking, which will totally help my confidence level. I managed to PR last year in the half with a long run of only 8 miles max, which I don’t recommend, but I’m hoping with some proper training this time around I can kill my goal.

Speaking of goals, I guess I should put it out there on the interwebs to more or less hold myself to it? I’m really hoping to go just under 2:10. That’s about a 9:55/mile pace, which I think I can totally do – though carrying it through the slogs of exhaustion and hills might prove to be a problem. Considering my 5k PR is about a 9:00 pace, I clearly am not exactly the fastest of runners, sadly (I would love to know how Kenyans feel when they haul booty for 26.2 miles in less time than it takes me to run 13.1….)

So I guess my A goal would be 2:09-2:10… my B goal would be 2:15… and my C goal would just be to PR (current PR is 2:17). Frankly, if I don’t beat my old PR, I’ll be kind of bummed, but I’m pretty sure I can do it. Laurel is also a professional massage therapist (besides being a pro organizer, awesome cook, first-time half marathoner, and reader of many books) and said she would work on me after the race for free… can’t beat that!


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