Suddenly, speediness. Also, weight musings

Don’t laugh at what constitutes “speedy” for me, but I had a great run on Thursday evening:

Yeah, I know, nothing to write home about, but fast for me!

Yeah, I know, nothing to write home about, but fast for me! Mile 2 has a looong, gradual, 7-8-block stretch of hill, ugh

It was actually a pretty decent run for me on my old neighborhood loop – it was on the challenging/stiff side of comfortable and I somehow managed to go right about my 5k pace without feeling like death, or even that I was really pushing myself super hard…. which maybe means this isn’t my 5k pace anymore? (That or I just happened to have a really good day!) I even got stopped cold at one point by a car blindly racing through an intersection (with a crosswalk no less… at least I was paying attention!).

I focused a lot on posture and breathing from my stomach, which may have helped my overall sense of fatigue. I also broke out the PureFlow 2s again and I’m not sure I want to run my half in them – they’re lightweight (and speedy for me, clearly) but I think my feet aren’t quite used to the more minimalistic aspect… my ankles were aching a little the first two miles of this run (though they did settle down by the 3rd).

I’d also just like to say ARGH my body is so frustrating when it comes to weight loss. I have ONE cheaty meal and the scale immediately goes up 2-3 pounds, and then I have toΒ  fight to get back down to where it was. I don’t know if my metabolism sucks or if I just can’t afford to eat the delicious things like pizza and ice cream, but it’s annoying to watch the numbers spike up and down. I’ve been floating in the mid-to-low 140’s for months now and I keep getting down to around 141-142 and sabotaging my efforts to break into the 130’s by enjoying a reward kind of meal.


blargh! chart courtesy myfitnesspal

It’s extra frustrating because most of the time I don’t let my daily calories go above 1500-1600, and I shoot for 1300 on non-workout days. Do I need to cut back even more? EAT more? Cut out wheat/grain? I do eat fruit and veggies daily and not a whole lot of dairy. Maybe I need to incorporate a little HIIT into my workouts?

My weight likes to manifest itself in a highly obvious and unattractive belly lump that shows through all my shirts (one reason I never wear tight/clingy ones) and the dreaded thunder thigh chub rub. Last year, when I somehow managed to work my way down to 136-138, those symptoms had finally started to disappear… and I would love to get there again!

Either way, I’m still training much more consistently than I did last year, so I’m still hoping I can PR, even though I’m running 5-7 pounds heavier!

2 weeks till NODM!


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