Srs big deal, folks! The last time I completed a 10 mile training run was 2011, before the first time I ran the NODM half. Last year, I only managed an 8 mile long run before the race due to some craptacular real life dramas (though somehow I managed to eck out a PR anyway) and I vowed that I would train properly this year.

slow and steady wins the race?

slow and steady wins the race?

I had 3 main goals for this outdoor run – go sloooow (Runner’s World smart coach says I should be doing an 11:16 pace for my long runs… whaaat? That seems… ridiculously slow.. I never quite understood the thinking behind “slow long runs = fast race pace,” but whatever), keep good posture, and breathe from my stomach. I pretty much accomplished all those things (though I think I was secretly hoping I’d go my half goal pace of 9:55ish) and felt pretty great for the first 7-8ish miles of this run. I got a bit tired toward the end but never felt like death, which to me is VICTORY! I also ran the whole thing without pausing/walking (even to eat Gu… just kind of slowed down and chugged along) except to briefly tighten my right shoe, which felt like it was coming loose and making my foot a bit numb.

I kind of over-calculated the amount of ground I would need to cover and ended up walking 5 or 6 extra blocks back to my apartment building. I run 4-mile loops around my neighborhood normally, and so I did 2 laps plus an extra half lap that I hoped would take me close to my starting point… not so much, but as I was walking out the oopsie distance, an older lady I’d seen working in her yard all evening called out that she’d seen me going by many times. I told her I’d run 10 miles and she was kind of shocked. “But I’m done now!!” I said with arms in the air.

I was a bit sore today, but more in the hips than anything else. My ankle did feel sore again for the first few miles of the run, which maybe means I have a wee strain going on, so I’ll probably take this week a little easier – but I do think I might run NODM in my Newtons, since they held up super well for the majority of the run (except that little shoelace incident, but I always double knot on race day)!

One other weird thing I’ve noticed over the last 4 outdoor runs I’ve had with Henry the Garmin’s heart rate monitor:

4.5 mile run @ 9:17 pace – Avg HR 165, Max HR 176
8 mile run @ 10:00 pace – Avg HR 167, Max HR 176
3 mile run @ 9:06 pace – Avg HR 161, Max HR 172
10 mile run @ 10:12 pace – Avg HR 166, Max HR 176

Is it weird that all these different paces, distances, and efforts have similar HR stats? Does that mean I’m always working too hard (or not hard enough)? I don’t really know enough about HR training to say… but it seems kind of strange. (Also totally weird to me is that the fastest run of this group, where I pushed myself the most, had the lowest average HR, though not by much.)

Last week of normal training, ack! Next week I taper!


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