The final countdown

(Sorry if I got that song in your head.. but check out their terrible 80’s HAIR)

8 days till NODM!! I’m both nervous and kind of confident, and have been watching the 10-day forecast like a hawk. Here’s the current projection of THE FUTURE:



I think I can roll with that… as long as the weather doesn’t decide to drop an 80-degree-no-breeze bomb of a day on me like it did at my first NODM, I should be ok. I prefer overcast, high 50’s and a slight breeze, though ;P

Also funny is the comparison between my amount of running before the race last year vs. this year. Dailymile will show you about a year’s worth of monthly training (though I wonder if there’s a way to view your entire history?) and you can see just how much my training sucked last year:


Look at December… sheesh! And the June mileage of last year includes TWO half marathons… and I ran another half in Oct… amazing I didn’t injure myself

I’ve already more than doubled the amount of miles I was running back then. Somehow I managed to PR at NODM last year so I’m hoping with some actual structured running I can make the magic happen again this year.

NODM also announced that they will have half marathon pacers for the first time ever this year. (YESSSS)Β  I might try to get out ahead of the 2:10 pacer (whose name is Robert per the website… hi Robert, prepare to be stalked) during the first 3 flat/fast miles and then let him slowly catch up during the hilly miles 3-7… and when the big downhill and final flat part along the water start around mile 8, hopefully at least keep up with him, or beg for a piggyback ride manage to stay in front of him.

I also need to decide which shoes to wear… my trusty Asics Gel-Landreth 6 (the same model I’ve worn in all my past half marathons, sadly no longer sold [I bought my last 2 pairs on ebay] – bigger and a little heavier, but comfy and reliable), the Newton Gravity (a little weird-looking, but lightweight and geared toward my footstrike – did fine on my 10-miler), or the Brooks PureFlow 2‘s (lightweight and speedy, but made my feet sore after 8 miles, maybe a little too minimalistic?):

L-R: Asics, Newtons, Brooks, bonus curious cat feet

L-R: Asics, Newtons, Brooks, bonus curious cat feet

Kind of leaning toward the Asics or Newtons… but if I think my feet can take the pounding, I might even go with the Brooks, just ’cause they seem to make me run faster… though I might regret it the day after ;P

Have an 11-miler tomorrow and then a week of taper left! AIEEEE


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