Tapering and stupid decisions

It’s the final week of taper madness! I completed another 10-miler on Sunday, which was slightly faster than the previous week’s even though I tried throwing in one-min walk breaks every 2 miles (cause I know I’m gonna be walking the 2-3 steep steep steep hills at NODM – I’m not kidding, these suckers are creek beds and they are like mountain steep, even the official race guide says walk them, though I’m a wuss and probably would anyway) – I wanted to see how the walks might affect my overall pace. I once again wore the (ugly-arse) Newtons and they did fine, though I may play around with the tightness of the shoes for the race – I usually leave the top of the shoe basically loose and tie fairly tight at the ankle, but that strategy worked a lot better on my Asics… the Newtons get a little floppy after awhile (TWSS!).

A day later I was looking at old race pics and bemoaning my ridiculously wacky gumby-leg tendency…

looks like I'm gonna snap an ankle!

looks like I’m gonna snap an ankle!

…and then made the ill-advised decision during my dreadmill 3-miler that evening to try to straighten out my stride… yes, stride adjustments 5 days before a half marathon; I never said I thought these things through. Not only was the run totally awkward and unfulfilling, but needless to say I woke up the next morning with a grumpy left knee (the outside of it to be specific) that didn’t HURT per se, but was definitely achey (especially walking down hills) and letting me know about it. BRILLIANT!

So, I stretched, and foam rolled, and it’s a good thing it’s taper week ’cause I subbed in more Jillian Michaels DVDs in place of the 2-milers I was supposed to be doing. The knee merely twinged at me today so I’m hoping if I don’t run until the race on Sunday (and keep foam rolling like a baws) I’ll stave off some hilarious unfortunate IT Band or runner’s knee injury.

But lesson learned; don’t mess with what works until AFTER the big event, no matter how wobbly-legged you look when you run!

Oh, I learned another lesson this last weekend, and this is a totally TMI story so you can tune out now if you so desire! I found a recipe for roasting garlic and decided to give it a whirl, so I bought a fairly decent-sized head of garlic and followed the recipe as close as someone who never cooks anything can… at least I didn’t cut off a finger or anything while beheading the cloves, so I did something right. The apartment smelled amazing after an hour of baking. I tried the garlic and it was DELICIOUS. I think a serving size was something like 4 cloves but I ended up eating the ENTIRE HEAD.

Fast forward two hours and I was sitting in a neverending cloud of garlic farts. Memo to self, next time only eat SOME, not ALL, of the garlic…


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