Packing! (AKA what will I forget this year?)

I’m tossing things into my suitcase and trying to plan out a race outfit (amongst picking out some “real people” clothes to wear). My cats are bored with this:

Ignore my laundry in the background

Ignore my laundry in the background. Also, yes, there are TWO cats in this picture

I’m not entirely sure what I want to wear in the race – I think I want to wear a tank, since it’s going to be sunny and somewhat warm, but to this day I’ve worn t-shirts in 99% of my races… I don’t like my skin (I am prone to extremely attractive and awesome exercise-induced acne, HURRAY) and I’m also nearly translucent from my desk job/so much treadmill running. But I kinda want to say pfffffft to all that and just go with what’s comfortable, and REGRET NOTHING. Here’s what I’m considering so far…

Not pictured: runderwear, but you won't see those during the race anyway (I HOPE)

Not pictured: runderwear, but you won’t see those during the race anyway (I HOPE)

1. Zensah tank – light and comfy but does have a tendency to ride up my love handles after 5 or so miles. Other than that, my fav running tank
2. Nike G87 tank – super lightweight and soft, long and stays put, but definitely form fitting and doesn’t hide anything! I can use my race bib to disguise the gut, but not much else.
3. Nathan handheld water bottle with 3 GUs stuffed in the pocket
4. Lemon/lime Nuun
5. Tiny iPod nano (hidden in the pouch on my belt) and cheapo headphones I need to replace
6. Runglasses!
7. Seattle RnR visor for no reason other than it’s the only visor I own
8. iFitness belt where I will stash my keys, chapstick, license, moneys
9. Henry the Garmin (not pictured: heart rate monitor strap thing)
10. Road ID
11. Brooks sports bra, my favorite – lightly padded so I don’t feel like a boy, and also to prevent the dreaded HEADLIGHTS
12. Brooks 2-in-1 6″ shorts – I love the compression liners and the length, no booty shorts for these thunder thighs.
13. Zensah compression socks – I love these, though I bought them before there were tons of fun colors… oh well.
14. IT band strap – I may wear this or just carry it with me in case the outside of my knee decides to talk to me during the race. It hasn’t acted up the last few days so here’s hoping.

The forecast for Sunday dropped a degree but is otherwise about the same (for awhile it was showing partially cloudy, which had me excited, but now it looks like it’s all death rays, all the time):

don't burn me, bro

don’t burn me, bro

Off to finish randomly tossing things into a suitcase… next stop, Port Angeles!

*except the nasty hills, of course

*except the nasty hills, of course


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