Gearing up for Seattle RnR

The forecast for the race this weekend is looking… well, not as bad as it could be, I guess, but not ideal for me:

could be 80 with no clouds... guess I should be thankful?

could be 80 with no clouds… guess I should be thankful?

I also heard that SkinnyRunner will be participating in the full – I’ll probably never see her since she’s about a million times faster than me, but kind of cool to have an awesome fast popular blogger up in my neck of the woods.

I got my final long run in last night – 10 miles 6 days before the race… I really wish I’d been able to do it Saturday, but I had 2 friends in town and just ran out of time (though it was a super fun day with my buddies so I REGRET NOTHING). I think it will work out ok with a fairly easy, relaxed taper this week. I wore my new pro-compression knee socks and Brooks Pureflow 2‘s to see if this combination might work for the race… aside from my feet absolutely KILLING me for the first 2 miles of the run (I took a walk break at mile 2 and every 2 miles after that… the foot achies oddly disappeared at that point) the combination worked OK, so I’m not sure if I tied my laces too tight or what. If I can solve that issue the Pureflows might actually work for the race and they didn’t annoy my poor toe that was demolished by my Newtons in the NODM half. My legs feel great today, though my quads and glutes are pretty sore, which might be due to the fact I haven’t worn the Pureflows past 7 miles before. Yes, trying new things days before the race… clearly, I am brilliant.

It was great to see my hometown buddies, though. We got sweet iron liege waffles for breakfast (SO amazing; if you ever visit Seattle you have to go there! Practically a donut waffle, that’s how thick and substantial they are), wandered around the U-village shops (I actually bought clothing at H&M for the first time ever – the shirts I got were super cheap and cute!), got our hairs cut (I wasn’t planning on getting a haircut, but it had been like 6 months since my last one [I fail at girl] and they had an opening, so I went for it… it’s a little shorter than I’m used to but I’m getting to like it), and went out for delicious sushis that I ate far too much of. My friend Maureen had the biggest bloody mary ever:

my worst nightmare

my worst nightmare

As we were sitting at the table after we ate I realized they had exactly 10 minutes to catch their ferry, so we paid and hauled arse back to the ferry terminal, where they were the last people to make it on. Success!

Though I magically managed to dip under 140 pounds this week, I’ve been eating WAYYYY too much since then (why do I always sabotage myself after I hit my goals?!) so I doubt I will toe the starting line this weekend at 139, but I still hope to have a decent race. My legs have been SUPER tired since my 10 miler for some reason… just lethargic and achey. Hopefully they will come back to life during my 2 rest days, but I need to lay off the calories or I’ll be packing 5 extra pounds around again. With the forecast of heat and the weight issue I’m not hoping for anything spectacular but I’d love to break 2:15 again!


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