Seattle RnR recovery… and what’s next?

This was me the first few days after the Seattle RnR half:

My personal TMI of suckiness: getting on and off the toilet. I felt like an 89-year-old woman!

I was actually pretty jazzed up after the race and looking forward to my next half, the Victoria BC half on Oct 13, since I remember it being overall fairly flat and fun when I ran it with my friend Laurel last year. (It also might have been more “fun” since it was her first half and I ran it with her at her slower pace, but there’s nothing like a first impression!) I’m even considering bumping up to the Intermediate training plan (gasp!) and adding SPEEDWORK (gasp!) and maaaaaaybe seeing if I can inch toward a 2-hour half!

Then I saw this awesome deal posted by Gametiime on twitter:

Now, I have avoided Seattle’s hometown race up until this point, for several reasons – it’s December 1st (winter in Seattle is typically a never-ending foggy cloud of rain, slush, drizzles, more rain, and some showers to go with it), I always hear it’s a ridiculously hilly course (me and hills are like cats and bathtubs full of water), and I’m poor and can’t afford to run ALL THE RACES, so I pick ones I know I (should) enjoy. But I guess you can’t really judge a race till you’ve run it yourself, and this deal was too good to pass up. So – I’m now registered for the Seattle half on 12/1! (At least there should be Christmas lights up by then and I can throw some Christmas tunes on my playlist? Yeah, I said it.)

Why not the full, you ask? Because reasons. I just don’t know if I could run a full. The amount of training time involved is substantially more than that required for a half… and I’m tired enough after 13.1 miles… why double that?! Then again, running a full is one of those bucket-list-type accomplishments that it seems every runner has to check off at least once, and there is a tiny part of me that kind of wants to see if I could do it. I don’t know. Maybe someday, I guess.

Until then, I’m nursing my sore ankle (it was feeling ok so I tried 3 miles on the treadmill last night, which felt fine, but I woke up this morning and it was more sore than it had been, so I probably need to back off) and easing back into training. I’m scheduled to run a midnight 4th of July 5k next week; I might just take a break from running until then and try to run it easy.. perhaps in costume?

What about you, fair reader – have you ever run a full marathon? If you have, were you terrified of tackling it, and how did you overcome that? If you haven’t run one, is it on your running bucket list?

Onward and upward!


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