Healthy shopping list

This info has been pulled from several places, and it’s mostly geared toward food as FUEL for a runner/athlete.

Example of nutrient-dense meal planning:

Breakfast – Oatmeal, nuts and fruit, eggs
Mid morning snack – Piece of fruit with cheese
Lunch – Vegetarian or lean meat in veggie-filled wrap and cottage cheese with fruit
Mid afternoon snack – Veggies with hummus and Wasa cracker(s)
Dinner – Brown rice with lentils and spinach and scrambled eggs
After-dinner snack – dark chocolate (1/2 – 1 ounce) with a piece of fruit

Grocery list:

Veggies (LOTS)
Whole grain wrap
Low-fat cottage cheese
Part-skim cheese
Lean meat/vegetarian meat
Brown rice
Skim/soy milk
Dark chocolate (70% – 85% cacao)

Eat things from this list:

Fresh fruit of your choice, preferably organic
Fresh vegetables of your choice, preferably organic
Sweet potatoes
Raisins and dried fruit
Nuts of all types (almonds, pecans, etc)
Chia seeds, flaxseed
All-natural nut butters (i.e. peanut butter with at most 2 ingredients: peanuts, salt)
Grass-fed beef
Organic, free-range eggs
Wild-caught salmon, mackerel, trout, and other fish
Cottage cheese
Yogurt (even better, Greek yogurt)
Lean chicken
Olive oil/coconut oil
Blended fruit smoothies

Don’t eat things from this list:

Things that come in bags (chips, pretzels, bread)
Things that come in boxes (pasta, cookies, cakes, cereals)
Prepackaged frozen entrees (i.e. Hot Pockets, Lean Cuisines)

Stay away from:
Excess wheat
Too much red meat
Too much bread
Too much dairy


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