I’m one of those “MUST HAVE MUSIC TO RUN” people – different strokes for different folks, I know, but I grew up in a music-loving household and it’s always been a strong motivator/distraction for me, so I run with it! (ho, ho). My mom wanted to NAME me “Music,” as well (thank my dad for putting his foot down on that one) so it’s almost like my destiny or something.

My parents raised me on a classic-rock-heavy catalogue of bands like the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, the Monkees, Led Zeppelin, etc, so my musical leanings spin in that direction – but I also love me a good thumping beat as well, and even more eclectic groups like They Might Be Giants, Radiohead, and etc. All that to say, my running playlists can be a strange mix sometimes – keep that in mind!

(I have a Spotify playlist as well if you have an account there)

Some of my half marathon playlists:

Seattle RnR 2013 (2.2 hours long):
Monument – the Frames (rockin’ beginning to the run)
Hopeless wanderer – Mumford & Sons (starts slow, gets awesome)
You told me – the Monkees (folky rock awesome)
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
What wondrous love is this – Kenosis (proving Christian music isn’t all pansy)
Run the world – Beyonce (the actual song starts at :50 in that video.. also lol, her dancing)
My Sharona – the Knack
Are you gonna be my girl – Jet
No one knows – Queens of the Stone Age
Alright with me – Kris Allen (a fav running song.. I like to plant it near the middle for inspiration)
1901 – Phoenix
Party rock anthem – LMFAO
Lotus flower – Radiohead
Gangnam style – PSY (don’t judge ;P)
All my tears – Kenosis
Wonderwall – Oasis
Mirror in the bathroom – the English Beat
Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
Electrify – Beastie Boys
Pleasant Valley Sunday – the Monkees
Missing – Beck
Hello it’s me – Todd Rundgren
The denial twist – the White Stripes
The national anthem – Radiohead
Tusk – Fleetwood Mac
Circle – Sarah McLachlan
Runnin’ down a dream – Tom Petty (one of my fav running songs, makes it on every playlist.. I like to use it as a pickup toward the end)
La caravane – Caravan Palace
Daily Nightly – the Monkees ;)
White blank page – Mumford & Sons (another one that builds to awesomeness)
Take me out – Franz Ferdinand – makes me dance while I run.
The chain – Fleetwood Mac (dang, had a lot of Fleetwood!)
Everlong – Foo Fighters (only song I have a perfect score to on Rock Band, heh)
Harder, better, faster, stronger – Daft Punk (and my favorite mesmerizing video of it)

Generic half marathon playlist 2012 #1 (2.5 hours long):

will update soon!

Generic half marathon playlist 2012 #2 (2.5 hours long):

will update soon!


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