Weight loss journey

I’ve been tracking my weight for awhile but it was only at the beginning of 2012 that I decided to really get serious about eating healthier. That, I think, made the biggest difference in my progress – it really is true that weight loss is mostly made in the kitchen!


but but… donuts!

I fought my way down to 136-138 and felt completely awesome, but after my half marathons in 2012 the weight started creeping back up on me as I relaxed my eating habits, and I eventually gained about 10 pounds back, finding myself in the 146 range in 2013. I re-devoted myself to healthier eating and managed to claw my way back down to the mid-130’s, where I really started to feel healthy and good in my skin.

Height – 5’8″
Highest weight (May 2010) – 170
Lowest weight (Feb 2014) – 127
Current weight – 135

Goal weight: 130 – while I dipped down into the 120’s during kind of an emotionally stressful time this spring (I don’t emotionally overeat, I kind of have the opposite reaction – I get nauseated at the thought of food, so it’s not really the healthiest way for me to lose weight) my ultimate goal weight would be no lower than 130. I’m kind of wavering between 133-135 right now pretty consistently, and I would actually be perfectly happy with that if that’s where my body wants to settle. It’s not so much about the exact number but how strong I feel and toned I am… and I can definitely use some work in the area of toning ;)

Currently using MyFitnessPal to track my meals and calories and it’s helping a lot – check it out if you haven’t, it’s free!

Things I learned along the way:
-Weight loss is not a magical ticket to feeling happy about your body/about life. No matter how much weight I lost I could still look in the mirror and nitpick at myself. That kind of happiness will never come from a little number on a scale, and a scumbag brain can always distort what you see in the mirror – it will never be satisfied until you change your mindset.
-Losing weight is not the magical key to attractiveness. Dating I did before weight loss: nil. Dating post-weight loss: nil. Confidence is a much bigger factor in attractiveness and that’s something I’ve always struggled with.

it's weird how you look taller when you lose weight?

it’s weird how you look taller when you lose weight?

Again, I don’t really believe there’s a magical number out there – I’d like to get back to 130 again, but it’s more for how awesome I felt in my skin, how strong and fast I felt while running, and how much less self-conscious I was in my clothes. I don’t really want to go much lower than that as I think that would start to negatively impact my strength and running. I will be fine being strong, confident, and running happy!

And can I just say… I totally empathize with this girl, yo.




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